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Martti Peräluoma 72dpi

Martti Peräluoma was born in Tampere in 1941. As a material glass has been his interest nearly all of his life and his first models date back over 20 years ago.

His glass designs have aroused a lot of interest and his best known design is the Mäntyniemi -series. During the President Ahtisaari term of office Mäntyniemi -vases were given as gifts to the President´s guests. On the President of the Republic Tarja Halonen term of office Mäntyniemi -series have been donated widely, for example to the Parliament Of Finland additional building.

The Mäntyniemi vase is a part of the Finland´s museum of glass permanent collection.

"I am persistent, some might say stubborn.
I wan´t to evolve and and to create something lasting.
Martti Peräluoma