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Mäntyniemiä 72dpi

Amorphous matter formed by fused silicates. Glass can be considered as stiff liquid. Brittle and hard at room temperature. Glass can be moulded in various ways at high temperatures.

We produce glass products designed by glass artist Martti Peräluoma for interior decorating and for daily use. The simple cohesive design of our products is based on the scandinavian design heritage.

We are specialised in hand made slumped glass in which we are the market leader in Finland. We also produce corporate gifts and event trophies which are customised in a variety of ways. Customising of the product according to our customers needs is a challenge and new opportunity for us every time. 

"As a material glass is brittle and hard.
As a form it can be elastic and soft.
Everything depends on the design."

Martti Peräluoma